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All Services are now equally priced and Fully Interchangeable as needed or wanted. If you don't know what you want or need, just select the time you want under any service. We can talk about it when you arrive.

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August 8th-11th: Unwinding Meridians: Applying Acupuncture Principles to Craniosacral Therapy

Menu of Services

Deep Tissue Massage

Moderate to Strong manual therapy: The "FIX ME" massage. It addresses muscular problems/pain/range of motion and connective tissue problems. It can greatly improve posture, assist in muscle recovery and growth, and detoxify large muscle groups. Massage cupping and cupping stretches are incorporated for vastly better results. Other forms of bodywork maybe incorporated if recommended.

Price: 85.00
Cupping Therapy Options

Strongest Manual Therapy: A Cupping "Blanket" is where many suction cups are strategically placed over a target muscle group and can gently release adhered connective tissue and trapped cellular debris. Results healthier muscle/tissue function, blood/lymph circulation, a powerful detoxification, and a higher metabolism. Cupping blankets usually induce a powerful state of relaxation, serenity, and sometimes euphoria when left on for longer durations.

Price: 85.00
CranioSacral And SomatoEmotional Release

CranioSacral Therapy is an extremely gentle approach that accesses and ministers to the health of the connective tissue WITHIN the cranium and spinal cord, cerebral spinal fluid flow, and the range of motion of the cranial bones/vertebrae. These structures are subject to the same torsions as the muscle/tissues outside and develop adhesions we may experience as headaches and various intercranial symptoms. And tension on any of the cranial nerves can manifest as dysfunctions anywhere throughout the body. SomatoEmotional Release (builds on CST) often unlocks chronic problems by identifying and releasing physical and emotional trauma held by the tissue that interferes with tissue and organ function, often resulting in chronic pain.

Price: 85.00
Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is an incredibly intuitive and profound healing practice that often solves problems that manual therapy approaches can not fix. While it presents itself as a spiritual practice, compelling science has measured how the biomagnetic fields, increased vibrational frequency, and electrical interaction created by a Reiki practitioner in session ignites tissue regeneration, including nerve, ligament, bone, and capillary regeneration (more information under service description). It's also associated with cancer remission and is currently utilized by the Mayo Clinic.

Price: 85.00
Swedish Massage

Gentle/Light Manual Therapy: The "soothing" massage that is sedating with very light pressure. It is therapeutic for blood/lymph circulation and skin tone, but does not address muscular pain or dysfunction.

Price: 85.00
Toning & Beautifying

Purifying and rejuvenating therapy applications for the Face, thighs, hips, and abdomen. These services aim to flush out toxins, breakdown deep set wrinkles, reduce fine lines, encourage healthy collagen formation, restore healthy blood/lymph circulation, and reduce or eliminate excess water retention, bloating, and cellulite formation.

Price: 85.00


Scott Cohen
"After 3 weeks of having arm pain, I finally made an appointment with Bernard. He was very responsive to my appointment request on short notice. He was genuinely concerned about the issue I was having and was determined to do what he could help alleviate my pain. The day after my appointment, my arm felt so much better than it had in the last 3 weeks. I have already scheduled my next appointment and would highly recommend Bernard to all of my friends."
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"Bernard was very nice, professional and thorough. He was very strong when he needed to be and gentle at other times I highly recommend him!"
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
Bart Williams
"Having been in a car wreck a year ago, I have pain in my neck and lower back. The pain is compounded by stress of running a business. Mr. Serota has done a great job working those areas. Going to Mr. Serota has been good for my health. He is a nice person. I would recommend him to anyone."
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