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Mountain Brook, Alabama

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First Time? Please read below:

Please attempt to schedule here first, but are welcome text me and ask me to notify you of potential cancellations. Services are sorted under five categories below, each having a drop down or scroll menu that gives you multiple service options. Select your preference and choose the best time and date that work for you.

SATURDAY Availability: Open on select Saturdays
May 11th, 18th, & 25th
June: 1st, 15th, & 29th
July: 6th & 20th

I accept same day appointments if there's an available opening. This scheduler will only show potential availability that fits within the open time slot (if requesting a 120 minute appointment, there may be zero options, but if you backed out and requested a smaller session, those options may be appear since they fit between other existing appointments). Submit your request, but BE SURE that you received a confirmation email. This VERIFIES successful submission of you request (Check your Spam/Junk email box). Once received, please IGNORE the confirmation email's warning about it not being approved and PROCEED TO MY OFFICE FOR YOUR REQUESTED APPOINTMENT TIME. Your request holds your reservation just like an approved appointment. It also takes away the option to book that timeslot from everyone else. I will be unresponsive while in session with other clients, and unable to "approve" requests, but I will also see you appear on my schedule and be expecting you.

Will be CLOSED on the following dates:
June 25th-29th: Bodywork for Anxiety and Depression Workshop
August 8th-11th: Unwinding Meridians: Applying Acupuncture Principles to Craniosacral Therapy

Menu of Services

Deep Tissue Massage

Moderate to Strong manual therapy: The "FIX ME" massage. It addresses muscular problems/pain/range of motion and connective tissue problems. It can greatly improve posture, assist in muscle recovery and growth, and detoxify large muscle groups. Massage cupping and cupping stretches are incorporated for vastly better results. Other forms of bodywork maybe incorporated if recommended.

Price: 75.00
Cupping Therapy Options

Strongest Manual Therapy: A Cupping "Blanket" is where many suction cups are strategically placed over a target muscle group and can gently release adhered connective tissue and trapped cellular debris. Results healthier muscle/tissue function, blood/lymph circulation, a powerful detoxification, and a higher metabolism. Cupping blankets usually induce a powerful state of relaxation, serenity, and sometimes euphoria when left on for longer durations.

Price: 100.00
CranioSacral And SomatoEmotional Release

CranioSacral Therapy is an extremely gentle approach that accesses and ministers to the health of the connective tissue WITHIN the cranium and spinal cord, cerebral spinal fluid flow, and the range of motion of the cranial bones/vertebrae. These structures are subject to the same torsions as the muscle/tissues outside and develop adhesions we may experience as headaches and various intercranial symptoms. And tension on any of the cranial nerves can manifest as dysfunctions anywhere throughout the body. SomatoEmotional Release (builds on CST) often unlocks chronic problems by identifying and releasing physical and emotional trauma held by the tissue that interferes with tissue and organ function, often resulting in chronic pain.

Price: 80.00

Reiki is an incredibly intuitive, relaxing, and profound healing practice that is very gentle and often clears problems that other therapy approaches can not overcome. It is also one that is validated by compelling science, especially in the field of quantum physics. Numerous scientific experiments have yielded strong observable evidence for tissue regeneration (including nerve, bone, and capillary regeneration) and immune system recovery in human beings (details are listed under the service description).

Price: 75.00
Swedish Massage

Gentle/Light Manual Therapy: The "soothing" massage that is sedating with very light pressure. It is therapeutic for blood/lymph circulation and skin tone, but does not address muscular pain or dysfunction.

Price: 75.00


D. Pennington
"I have relief and well being that I haven't had in a long time. "
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Mark Center
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
"All I can say is OMG! It was great! Bernard definitely focus on any problem areas you may have. He was very kind and understanding, which makes you feel very comfortable. Thanks Bernard, and I will definitely see you again very soon!"
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