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If it's your first time, please read below:

*Open on 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month: Jan 12th/26th, Feb 9th/23rd, Mar 9th/23rd

Please attempt to schedule here first, but feel free to text me to ask for potential cancellations that may become available. Services are sorted under six categories. Use the drop down menu to select your preference and then choose the best time and date that work for you.

SAME DAY Appointments: If any appointments are still available the day of, only services that fit into the timeslot will show as an option (a 90min may not be available, but a 60min may be).  Submit your request and be sure that you received a confirmation email (VERIFIES successful submission). Once received,  please proceed to my office for per your requested appointment time. Ignore the confirmation email's warning about approval. Your request holds your reservation. I'm unresponsive while in session.

Will be CLOSED on the following dates:
Jan 18-20: Reiki Master Course

Menu of Services

Deep Tissue Massage

Moderate to Strong manual therapy: The "FIX ME" massage. It addresses muscular problems/pain/range of motion and connective tissue problems. It can greatly improve posture, assist in muscle recovery and growth, and detoxify large muscle groups. Massage cupping and cupping stretches are incorporated for vastly better results. Other forms of bodywork maybe incorporated if recommended.

Price: 75.00

Reiki is an intuitive, spiritual, and very powerful healing practice that has been and is increasingly validated by strong, measurable, laboratory based, repeatable scientific experiments that yield very compelling evidence for tissue regeneration and immune system recovery in the areas of physics, quantum physics, magnetobiology, and cellular biology (details/studies listed under the service description on website). Reiki has also been associated with numerous, "unexplained" cancer remission stories and laboratory experiments (on rodents cancer) have repeatedly yielded astonishing results to support those claims. Reiki is also sought by many for their reported various emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, but those results are subject to each individuals' situation.

Price: 75.00
Cupping Therapy Options

Strongest Manual Therapy: A Cupping "Blanket" is where many suction cups are strategically placed over a target muscle group and can gently release adhered connective tissue and trapped cellular debris. Results healthier muscle/tissue function, blood/lymph circulation, a powerful detoxification, and a higher metabolism. Cupping blankets usually induce a powerful state of relaxation, serenity, and sometimes euphoria when left on for longer durations.

Price: 100.00
Table Stretching Options

Soft to Moderate Manual Therapy: Table stretching is a passive stretching service where you relax while I gently take your limbs through their available range of motion and improve it. Some prefer this over massage therapy, while others enjoy it before their massage session to reduce the intensity of deep tissue therapy. Stretchable clothing is REQUIRED for this service for the comfort of both the client and practitioner.

Price: 80.00
CranioSacral And SomatoEmotional Release

Extremely Intuitive Therapy: CranioSacral Therapy is an extremely gentle approach that accesses and ministers to the health of the connective tissue WITHIN the cranium and spinal cord, cerebral spinal fluid flow, and the range of motion of the cranial bones/vertebrae. CST aims to alleviate adhesions within this system and restore healthy nutrient flow beyond the blood-brain barrier. Building on CST, SomatoEmotional Release builds on CST and looks at relieving tissue/organs that maybe effected by emotional/physical trauma. This therapy often unlocks chronic problems and releases areas you would assume were unrelated since it's root cause is nerve impingement. Clothes are worn, but no thick or restricting material.

Price: 80.00
Swedish Massage

Gentle/Light Manual Therapy: The "soothing" massage that is sedating with very light pressure. It is therapeutic for blood/lymph circulation and skin tone, but does not address muscular pain or dysfunction.

Price: 75.00


"Thanks you for a great experience. This was my FIRST massage and you made it a great experience by explaining what I could expect during and after. It was the best pain I'd ever felt, and I mean that in the best possible way. I will definitely be back."
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Michael Wilson
"Excellent, Bernard is extremely skilled."
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
Bart Williams
"Having been in a car wreck a year ago, I have pain in my neck and lower back. The pain is compounded by stress of running a business. Mr. Serota has done a great job working those areas. Going to Mr. Serota has been good for my health. He is a nice person. I would recommend him to anyone."
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