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About Brian Jones/Zenergy Therapeutics LLC

I graduated from Blue Sky School of Professional Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork in 2012. My goal as a therapist is to facilitate healing for everyone that visits. I love blending and incorporating techniques from different types of massage to create a uniquely rejuvenating and relaxing experience for you, the client. Massage therapy is my life, my passion, and I love helping others with the skills I have learned.

About Brian Jones/Zenergy Therapeutics LLC

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Swedish massage focuses on gliding techniques and flow to promote relaxation. A perfect way to destress, unwind, or rejuvenate. Commonly referred to as a full body relaxation massage, Swedish is a fantastic starting point for anyone booking their first massage, or for those that want to relax and focus attention towards specific problem areas.

Price: 50.00
Deep Tissue

For those in need of firm pressure, you've come to the right place. This session is designed for you, working with more precise movements, and less flow than Swedish massage, to provide relief to even the most stubborn of muscles.

Price: 55.00

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that's been greatly validated by the scientific community, and is used in hospitals all over the country. Reiki translates to universal life force energy, and is a laying on of hands and channeling of Reiki energy by the therapist, to the client. Reiki works on mind, body, and soul levels to promote wellness, rejuvenation, balance, and cleansing.

Price: 50.00
Lomi Lomi

A Hawaiian massage featuring a quick paced flow, and plenty of oil for your skin to soak in! Lots of vibration and jostling techniques make this massage unique and enjoyable. Perfect for rezenergizing or if you're looking to try something new.

Price: 65.00
CranialSacral Therapy

An incredible therapy that works with your cranial bones and the channels within your body, all the way down to your sacrum, maximizing and optimizing the flow of your cerebrospinal fluid. Since CSF nourishes everything it touches, this therapy can be extremely beneficial in helping a multitude of issues such as ADD/ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, Headaches, Depression, Vertigo, Sensory Disorders, and more. Cranialsacral is a phenomenal, fully clothed treatment that brings you to new levels of relaxation, wiping stress away and quieting the mind.

Price: 65.00
Zen Blend

Mix & Match therapies to custom create a treatment that's specifically catered to your needs. Choose any 2 services and we'll blend them together for a session that's all your own!

Price: 65.00
Couples Massage

Synchronized massages for two people, by two therapists, in the same room. A great way to connect and relax with someone special - be it a loved one, a best friend, mother/daughter spa day, and so on! Choose between Swedish or Deep Tissue at the time of your appointment. Available 4-7pm Tuesday-Friday & 9am-3pm Saturday & Sunday. Please select an option between these time slots when choosing an appt time. Bookings are available on Valentines day!

Price: 130.00


Riley Wensauer
"Brian is an absolutely amazing individual, who not only knows his trade but who takes the time to connect with those he serves. He gives my son a safe and compassionate space to process some of the struggles he deals with, while providing service that helps him get relax and understand his proccess....in addition to helping him get better, quality sleep."
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"Awesome! :-)"
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"Brian is fantastic! As always my massage was excellent, and I'm loving the atmosphere at Zenergy :)"
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