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Galax, Virginia

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Synergy Massage

Synergy Massage is owned and operated by Amy Weatherman, Certified Massage Therapist.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most popular modality. It promotes circulation and lymph flow and is great for stress related conditions and chronic pain. With the use of light to medium pressure this rhythmic , flowing massage is sure to relax tension and reduce stress. Deeper pressure used in problem, tender point areas.

Price: 40.00
Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy

Deep tissue massage is used to reduce the level of stress imposed on the body by chronically shortened muscles. Neuromuscular therapy is a specialized form of deep tissue work that treats trigger points which are areas that refer sensations of pain, weakness, or numbness to surrounding or distant areas of muscle tissue. A variety of techniques are used to release and relax chronic tension patterns throughout the body. Deep tissue and neuromuscular massage are great for chronic pain and overuse injuries. It provides deep pain relief, releases muscle tension, lengthens muscles, and loosens scar tissue.

Price: 50.00
Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses smooth stones that are heated and used as a massage tool. Light to medium pressure is used. Hot stone massage promotes circulation and lymph flow, and is great for reducing stress.

Price: 50.00
Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage reduces stress and anxiety, decrease swelling in arms and legs, relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints, improves quality of sleep, and reduces fatigue. Second and Third trimester only.

Price: 70.00
Body Scrubs & Wraps

Body scrubs and wraps remove dead skin cells to aid in the skins natural regenerative process. They give your skin a healthy glow and radiant shine, moisturize skin, and improves health and appearance of skin.

Price: 150.00
Add On Services

Add on services are a great way to pamper yourself a little more. These services can be added to your massage session or can be a stand alone service.

Price: 10.00
Swedish Massage
Price: 70.00


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"Very professional l can wait to go back"
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"Amy was excellent! "
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"Amy did an awesome job! I was so relaxed after my massage. I enjoyed talking to her and asking questions about her career. I do plan on going back!"
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