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About Corey B. Huntsucker, LMT

A Licensed Massage Therapist with over a decade of experience and having served over 2,200 clients. How can I help you increase your quality of life or pain free living? 

Specializing in helping YOU break the stress and pain cycle, and find relief from the chronic pain in your back, neck, and shoulders, and overall muscle fatigue. Helping you find relief from the pain and stress that is robbing so much from you and from you living a full life.

Helping you release the tight muscles and bring you some calmness. You will feel more focused, more balanced, more productive and more aware.

Or just help you escape from your daily stress so you can take time to reset and restore your body, mind and soul.

Massage Therapist for:
The former Kansas City Phantoms Indoor Football Team.
Sasnak City

About Corey B. Huntsucker, LMT

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"I have had quite a bit of good to excellent bodywork over the years. My session with Corey was quite good, covering the usual territory, entirely professional, well draped for modesty, comfort and relaxation. The last portion of my body to be massaged was my back, where I always have the most discomfort and even moreso lately. Whatever advanced techniques he's learned or created on his own were amazingly helpful and effective not only in the moment but for days afterwards. I feel that my underlying back muscle issues were resolved to a significant extent, which I would not have thought possible in one session. Coupled with that was pain and body stress relief from not just the back work but as a result of the entire session. I have had some really good bodywork of various types from some very skilled practitioners over the years, as budget allows :) Corey is definitely one of the best of them. I look forward to my next opportunity for a healing massage session and I highly recommend him as excellent and professional."
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"Corey is knowledgeable and professional but above all he is very talented. This was my first full massage and it helped so much. I have already made my next appointment. "
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Diane meek
"Wonderful massage "
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