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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tricia Strawn, I am a massage therapist with Vision for Enrichment (VFE). Our focus is on sports massage. Our clients include triathletes, runners, Crossfitters, soccer players, dragon boat paddling teams, weight lifters, tennis players, swimmers, boxers, the list goes on. In general, we meet our new clients when they are dealing with overuse injuries. While it is true that with massage we can help in the recovery process of these injuries, we would really rather be helping you with your maintenance and recovery work. Our goal is to keep you able to perform your sport of choice and to do so pain-free!

While we are based out of Pasadena, I do see clients in Van Nuys, also. Feel free to call me @ (818) 625-2657 with any questions you may have about our services. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A SPA ENVIRONMENT! NO WATERFALLS, JUST THE SOUND OF WEIGHTS FALLING!

**When requesting an appointment, if the Van Nuys location is desired, please specify within the notes section.**   SCHEDULE AWAY!!

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"You don't want to do this. I'm with Tricia because she is good at what she does. "
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"I was recommended to a Tricia from a physical therapist/ runner friend of mine who was helping me train for my first marathon. 15 weeks into an 18 week training program, some of my minor leg/foot injuries began to snowball into bigger problems. Just one 1-hour session with Tricia was able to get me back to about 95%. I immediately scheduled another session and am planning on doing two more after. I cannot recommend her enough. "
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"Trisha is the absolute best. She is the only person I allow to work on me."
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