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Grand Rapids, Michigan

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About Michelle Doetsch and New Yew

At New Yew, I offer transformational massage therapy for a New You. I also offer myofascial release, reiki and other forms of energy work, aromatherapy, and stress mentoring. I Specialize in headaches, stress relief/reduction, neck and shoulder pain, and chronic pain conditions.

60, 90, & 120 minute sessions available to schedule online. Please call or email for 30 minute sessions.

About Michelle Doetsch and New Yew

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The perfect blend of massage and bodywork techniques for your unique needs.

Price: 70.00
Targeted Sessions

Three targeted sessions are available: Head/neck, hands/wrists, and feet/ankles. We'll only address the targeted area... and sometimes the surrounding area because, well, everything's connected.

Price: 40.00

Reiki, Spiritual Healing, and Kundalini Energy Healing to help you destress, balance your chakras, cleanse your aura, and maintain your health. It's a great complement to other treatments you may be receiving.

Price: 70.00
Aromatherapy Consult

A session dedicated to finding the right essential oils to support your health and well-being goals for body, mind, and spirit. Includes personalized product.

Price: 100.00
Stress Mentoring

Let me help you create a plan to not only relieve the stress in your life, but also to reduce the amount of stress you have to deal with in the first place.

Price: 90.00


Linda Squires
"Michelle Doetsch is a gifted, talented healer. I came to her with injuries from a fall which she knew exactly how to work on. She is also intuitive and is able to make me feel like I am floating above the table after she has worked on me. I highly recommend her!"
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Sandy Freed
"I always feel better after a session with Michelle. And then I feel even BETTER the next day."
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Ellen Winterburn
"Michelle is a joy! She is always positive, thoughtful and professional. And most importantly I always leave her office in more comfort than I entered. "
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233 Fulton St. E
Suite 209B
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503

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