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About Josie

Josie is a Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist who has been practicing since 2009. She still loves every minute. While her main modalities are Deep Tissue and Trigger point, she also uses Aromatouch, Swedish, Reflexology, Prenatal, and more. Message her if you have any questions or connect on Facebook @massagebyjosiep. She would love to hear from you!

The practice is off of Burton and Beltline at 2020 Raybrook Ave SE Suite 104-B on the 1st floor.

Massage packages:
- 6 30 minute massages for $175
- 6 60 minute massages for $350
- 6 90 minute massages for $525

About Josie

Menu of Services

Deep Tissue Massage

Release the ache in your tight muscles with a form of massage that works deep into the muscle fibers to help you move better and breath easier.

Price: 70.00
Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points (or knots) can cause pain and restrict range of motion, Get your life back and breath easier after a deeply focused therapeutic massage.

Price: 70.00
Swedish Massage

A relaxing Swedish Massage is exactly what you need to calm your nerves. This is your time to set any worries aside. Just Breath and be Zen.

Price: 70.00

Breath easy with a therapeutic massage to work out the kinks and stress of everyday life. Massage paired with rejuvenating essential oils, tailored to your individual needs can help renewed your spirit and get you back to killin’ it in your everyday life.

Price: 105.00
Symphony of the Cells

Symphony of the Cells is a collection of 19 essential oil applications created by Boyd Truman, designed to create harmony physically, emotionally, and spiritually within the body. Each application is formulated to target different body systems and ailments. These techniques improve sense of well-being by providing physical and emotional support to deal with life’s everyday challenges. The idea is to confront a specific condition with soothing essential oils to help the body receive the maximum absorption and advantages.

Price: 35.00
Kinesiology taping

Kinesiology tape can promote healing, stability to joints, reduce pain, increase range of motion, and improve athletic performance. It allows free movement of the joint while maintaining support.

Price: 5.00
Sports Massage

Injuries can really hold you back from doing the things you love. Whether it’s soccer, golf, running, or just living life. These techniques can help get you back to what you love.

Price: 35.00
Ace Massage Cupping

Cups in motion. A versatile modality that can be used lightly to move stagnant fluid/waste from tissues, moderately to stimulation and diffuse inflammation, or heavily to loosen fatty deposits and adhesions. It is beneficial for chronic and acute pain, tension and adhesions in the tissues, injuries, inflammation, skin health (facial lifting), cellulite, drawing toxins out of the system, opening Lymph pathways and allowing for a deep absorption of essential oils, smoking cessation, and more! The implication for reflexology are amazing. Using the cups on reflex points, you can draw out toxins from the body at a new and deeper level. Message me with any questions.

Price: 80.00


Rebecca D
"Just had a prenatal visit with Josie! She was incredibly accommodating and did whatever I needed to ensure I had a comfortable visit. She’s extremely professional and great at her craft! Highly recommend. I decide to buy a package of 4 visits to use throughout the remainder of my pregnancy! "
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"Very knowledgeable about implications of strength training. I highly recommend Josie for athletes and active lifestyles looking to prevent injury. Very highly rated in her field. "
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"After a brief discussion about my neck, shoulders, IT bands, feet and ankles, Josie really targeted where I needed, and provided maximum intensity on the deep tissue work without causing me to tense. I definitely made progress towards my goal of better swimming form, a better squat and better activation through the legs. Thanks!!!!"
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2020 Raybrook Ave SE
Grand Rapids , Michigan 49546

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