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Sherry Griffith, NJ Lic. Massage Therapist

In keeping with NJ suggestions, I have decided to close my practice and maintain social distancing guidelines. I hope to see all of you on my schedule soon! I pray everyone stays safe and well! Sherry Griffith, LMT

Sherry Griffith, NJ Lic. Massage Therapist

Menu of Services

Focus Session

Therapeutic massage focusing on chronic or acute issues of the back and neck.

Price: 50.00
Therapeutic Massage

A blend of massage techniques designed to help alleviate chronically tired and stressed muscles applied with light to firm pressure.

Price: 85.00
Hot and or Cold Stone Therapy

The use of hot and or cold stones massaged on the client's skin allows the therapist to access the deeper muscles and tissues. While both hot and cold stones deeply penetrate the client's muscles and tissues, hot stones help ease mind and body tension and cold stones (applied specifically just to focus areas) help to decrease inflammation and sedate the nervous system response to inflammation.

Price: 100.00
Reiki session

Reiki is a traditional Japanese form of 'Energy Therapy' derived from ancient Tibetan philosophy of treating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vibrations of the human experience with very light hand placement on the body or over the ethereal planes just above the body's surface. There is no need for the client to disrobe for a Reiki session.

Price: 90.00
CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral is a gentle massage therapy which is believed to influence the flow of the body's deepest fluid and help to calm the nervous system. CranioSacral can be administered over a client's clothing, so there is no need to disrobe for this session.

Price: 65.00
Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a set of therapeutic stretches and compressions administered on a futon mat. These therapeutic stretches mimic yoga poses and are administered over the client's clothes.

Price: 110.00

Reflexology sessions are delivered to the feet, hands and face with the therapist's thumbs and hands. Reflexology is believed to affect the entire body by gentle to firm pressure as requested by the client's preferences. The client may remain clothed for this service and may also opt to only have the feet worked on.

Price: 65.00
Sherry's Signature Massage

This is a two and a half hour service of therapeutic bodywork infused with ALL of Sherry's modalities such as: Hot and Cold Stones (upon prior request), Reflexology, Thai, Reiki, CranioSacral, Neuromuscular and Myofascial Therapies. Whether the client's goal is to maximize the therapeutic response to bodywork or to simply and fully relax, this service aims to facilitate the body's innate healing to unwind both the body and the mind.

Price: 175.00

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