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Tula Schedule Updates

Thank you for your interest in Tula Wellness and therapeutic massage.

The online booking options are limited due to my practice being full at the moment with regular clients. Please check back if you cannot find a time.

Please Note: I do not typically schedule via phone or email, so if there isn't a time available, that means I'm fully booked. I'll do my best to respond to inquiries within 48 hours, however I'm often in appointments during regular business hours.

Tula Schedule Updates

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Tula Integrative Massage

A combination of relaxing deep Swedish Massage, which includes rhythmic gliding pressure and compression; and a mix of Neuromuscular Therapy & Connective Tissue Therapy which affects the myofascial tissue surrounding the muscles using slow, deep sustained pressure that effectively helps release tension and relieve chronic pain. Due to the slower nature of my work, the shortest session available is 75 Minutes. This allows for the proper amount of time to assure that you leave your session with your muscles reset and overall renewal in mind and body. (PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in my energy work, please select from the Signature sessions category)

Price: 85.00
Signature Tula Wellness

This signature session combines Tula Integrative Massage, Tula Energy Wellness, and Intuitive Insights based upon the massage and energy work. The purpose of this session is to integrate the physical body with the mental/emotional/spiritual body. When the session is complete, you will have new insights into the connections between body, mind, and soul and how to further expand, cultivate, and integrate those connections. This can lead to transformation on all levels of your life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (PLEASE NOTE: These sessions incorporate intuitive chakra reading and healing work.)

Price: 111.00


George W.
"It was very good. Made me feel more relaxed and less stressed. Will do it again."
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Angela S
"Kate was very attentive and professional. She gave the areas that needed it the most careful consideration and time needed. I would highly recommend her services."
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"I've been dealing with lower back pain for several years now. Since I enjoy being active I aggressively pursued ways to effectively relieve the nagging pain. I've been seeing Kate for about 1 year and my back has been stronger and healthier than with any other treatment I've tried. I would highly recommend her!"
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