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Shannon Kilzer, LMT, CMLDT

Regular bodywork has been shown to reduce chronic pain, increase range-of-motion, relieve stress, and promote relaxation. Since 2013 I have offered a professional custom massage treatment designed to address each client's individual concerns. My Integrated Massage is perfect for those seeking relief from sore muscles, knots, range-of-motion restrictions, or to just relax. For those seeking lighter-touch therapies I'm also pleased to offer Manual Lymph Drainage, CranioSacral Therapy, and my intuitive Reiki Crystal Healing Bodywork. 

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Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist
Certified Crystal Practitioner
Reiki Master

Shannon Kilzer, LMT, CMLDT

Menu of Services

Integrated Massage

This is a draped, ethical, and professional treatment from a licensed massage therapist; no off-menu illegal activities are offered. Relax and heal with an integrated mix of massage styles custom fit for your individual needs. Whether your goal is relaxation and stress management or pain relief from tight, knotted muscles, we can work together to create a treatment plan for you. Techniques for this customized session typically include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Heat Therapy, Myofascial Release, Stretching, CranioSacral, and Essential Oil Aromatherapy.

Price: 80.00
Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage helps support the body's natural healing response. This light-touch relaxing modality is specifically designed to increase lymph uptake of interstitial fluid, increasing lymph-angio activity, and in the case of lymphedema, it redirects flow around blocked or damaged areas into healthy lymph vessels to be processed and drained back into the venous system. Ideal for post-trauma or post-surgery edema, autoimmune disorders, sinus headaches, lymphedema, or as a follow-up treatment for deep-tissue work.

Price: 40.00
Reiki Crystal Healing Bodywork

Want to go deeper than a deep tissue massage? This healing therapy recognizes that all matter is an expression of energy, and our bodies and lives are a complex network of interwoven energy fields. An imbalance in these fields from spiritual or emotional distress, and/or nutritional and environmental factors can influence the electrophysiologic expression and create disorder. Wear something comfortable and relax in a meditative state as the therapist uses an intuitive combination of light-touch Reiki, Acupressure, and healing crystals to retune, retrain, and balance your chakra and meridian energy fields. If you are feeling out-of-balance and off your center, this is an ideal therapy choice.

Price: 40.00


Pam L
"Shannon Kilzer gave me a very caring, professional massage. She communicated clearly on techniques and procedures so I always knew what to expect. Yet, she wasn't talkative, which I appreciated. The best part was I felt great afterwards, and am looking forward to my next treatment from Shannon!"
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"Great attention to detail , very relaxing :)"
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Alicia W.
"Excellent! I loved the different techniques used. The massage was fantastic."
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