Samadhi Massage Therapy

Springfield, Missouri

Phone: (417)619-7778

Your amazing VIP massage experience is just a few clicks away!

Samadhi Massage Therapy
in Springfield, Missouri, is a small massage studio featuring Bamboo-Fusion Massage and
Customized Therapeutic Massage for stress relief & mood
management. Schedule an appointment and experience the positive impact massage therapy can have on your life.

Your amazing VIP massage experience is just a few clicks away!

Menu of Services

Customized Massage

Therapeutic massage session utilizing several styles of massage to address your aches & pains, leaving you feeling relaxed & recharged.

Price: 50.00
Bamboo-Fusion Massage

This luxurious style of massage combines the supple yet resilient nature of bamboo with the therapeutic benefits of heat. Features a set of 100% bamboo pieces smoothed into various shapes and sizes to target different muscles groups. The bamboo is warmed to just the right temperature to make this treatment perfect for anyone seeking deep tissue massage, as well as someone looking to simply drift off into ultimate relaxation.

Price: 60.00
Headache Remedy

Thirty minutes of focused attention for head, neck and upper shoulders. This treatment is for tension or sinus headaches and utilizes essential oils blended into a massage cream that may come into direct contact with your scalp. You might not look like a million bucks when your session is over, but you will feel like it!

Price: 30.00
Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a very special time. Your body is performing the miracle of creating a baby. That's a lot of work! It's magical, but often exhausting and uncomfortable. Prenatal massage is safe in all trimesters, and practically necessary in making this journey a comfortable and enjoyable time for the mother. The main difference from traditional massage is that as you can no longer lay on your stomach or back, you rest in a "side lying" position. Several pillows are used to make you feel like you're being supported by a comforting cloud. This style of massage allows for a refreshing and relaxing experience for your whole body, when you really need it most!

Price: 50.00

Location & Business Hours

2550 S Campbell Ave
Suite 800-D
Springfield, Missouri 65807

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