Empower Massage Therapy

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Empower Massage Therapy

When you step into my office you are a unique and highly valued client with your very own pain, movement patterns, and postural habits. I not only want to do my best to understand your body and treat it accordingly, I want to work with you to enhance your awareness of and relationship to your own body. No matter who you are, you deserve a bodyworker who is as dedicated to relieving your pain as you are. You deserve Empower Massage Therapy! 

Empower Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic Massage
Price: 75.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 85.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 100.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 130.00


"Emily is an excellent massage therapist. She listened when I told her where I was hurting and spent a lot of time working on those trouble spots. She works deep into the tissue and applies just the right amount of pressure. I walked out of my massage feeling like a new woman! I highly recommend Emily."
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Gina Forbes
"Emily was fantastic- the best massage I have had in the greater Portland area. She is kind and considerate, has a calm demeanor and she really was able to loosen tight muscles. Her use of aromatherapy was a delightful bonus. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who wants a great massage!"
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Maureen Sze
"It was an excellent message "
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