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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Barefoot Massage

Gravity + skilled feet = amazingly impressive, enjoyable deep tissue massage. No pointy thumbs or elbows. Yay! You must be healthy to receive this massage.

Price: 120.00
Hot Ashi

Done through clothing, I combine the pressure of barefoot massage with hot flaxseed pillows. Feels comforting and effective.

Price: 85.00
Stretching (ROM-range of motion)

This session is perfect for those who are need stretching despite efforts to loosen their own muscles. Keep your clothes on while I use stretching / compression to loosen you up. Some people call it "lazy man's yoga," but we call it "awesome."

Price: 120.00

A woman's body goes through miraculous changes while creating a baby. A massage from a therapist experienced & certified in pregnancy massage can make those physical woes turn into "wows!" Massage is done in a side-lying position with pillows for support.

Price: 120.00

Massage cupping can be received as a session in and of itself or in conjunction with another service (just ask). The client's skin will turn red as it brings blood flow to the area being treated. It often is described as feeling like a deep warmth and tingling. Conditions of chronic and acute pain can be relieved with minimal discomfort with tense muscles softening quickly. "Cup kisses" look like bruises (but aren't) and may result during a session. Marks can last up to a week or so (not recommended just before you need to bare skin for a vacation!).

Price: 55.00

This is for massage therapists who have learned barefoot massage and want to fine tune strokes or figure out what the heck they've forgotten. Coaching can be done via the web or in person at my studio -1 hour minimum. Live sessions include guest client.

Price: 80.00

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