Northampton, Massachusetts

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I believe each person comes to my table with unique needs, personalities, and preferences, and so I cater each treatment to the individual at the time of their visit. Being flexible to customize each treatment allows me to address the needs of the individual while providing spectacular service.

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Massage Therapy
Price: 65.00
Reiki Healing & Balancing
Price: 35.00
Combination Massage & Reiki
Price: 65.00


"Justin is intuitive and considerate. He created a space that was welcoming and warm and addressed my concerns and goals throughout the massage. Cannot recommend him highly enough."
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"Justin is amazing, He worked out all my body pretzels. Thank you so much! "
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"Justin is a highly intuitive body worker who creates a welcoming and safe space within which his very talented hands (and elbows!) worked out the stiffnesses of having spent several weeks on crutches. Justin has a range of knowledge, but as a 20+ year college coach, I can attest to his excellent knowledge of body work for athletes, a specialty of his. I've been looking for a massage therapist since I moved to the Valley, and I'm glad to say I've found him!"
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155 Main St.
2nd Floor
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060

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