Northampton, Massachusetts

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I believe each person comes to my table with unique needs, personalities, and preferences, and so I cater each treatment to the individual at the time of their visit. Being flexible to customize each treatment allows me to address the needs of the individual while providing spectacular service.

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Massage Therapy
Price: 65.00
Reiki Healing & Balancing
Price: 35.00
Combination Massage & Reiki
Price: 65.00


George C.
"Excellent massage. Great touch and just the right amount of pressure."
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"Justin did an amazing job. He used the right amount of pressure and really worked on getting the tightness out. I will definitely be back!"
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"I had my first massage with Justin recently and was extremely pleased with his work. "Good" does not really cover it. My body requires deep work to get the relief I need. He was able to do that and I felt particularly good for a few days. On the other hand, when I asked that he lighten up in certain areas, he was able to do that as well. He handles the encounter very professionally and communicates (listening as well as talking) very well. I have been having massage for a number of years and my first message with Justin ranks up with my very best experiences. I will certainly be going back."
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155 Main St.
2nd Floor
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060

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