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Lisa Bledden, LMT

With a passion for massage and integrative body work, I have been practicing massage therapy since 2007. I am a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, specializing in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, and Polarity Therapy. I combine my gift of intuition and my passion for healing to create a safe environment for clients to let go of their physical, emotional and mental stressors through a customized healing session based on your individual needs.

Menu of Services

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses long connecting strokes to increase circulation and decrease stress and tension in the body.

Price: 35.00
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage utilizes deeper strokes that work against the muscle fibers to strip out and lengthen muscles and connective tissue.

Price: 35.00
Pre-natal Massage

Pre-natal massage therapy supports the physiologic, structural, and emotional well-being of both mother and fetus during pregnancy.

Price: 70.00
Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage uses soothing oils, warm basalt, and sometimes cold marble stones to relax your muscles, allowing for a deeper and more intense all-over massage.

Price: 110.00
Cranial Sacral Therapy

With a gentle hands-on approach, Cranial Sacral Therapy focuses on the bones of the head, spine, and sacrum allowing the body to unwind naturally.

Price: 35.00

Reflexology is the practice of manipulating reflex areas in the feet and hands, which correspond to specific body parts and organs. The pressure applied stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system to heal itself.

Price: 35.00
Honey Pat Facial Massage

An amazing facial massage treatment involving 25 Chinese pressure points (that reflex vital organs) and the application of two natural products (honey and macadamia nut oil) to help relieve tension, reduce facial lines, tone, uplift and enhance appearance. The honey used is local to Flagstaff, which also provides relief from localized allergies. A Honey Pat Facial massage can be added to a regular massage or can be experienced on its own.

Price: 60.00
Integrative Energy Work

A combination of techniques including cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, polarity therapy, chakra healing, verbal processing, and more. Integrative Energy Work helps you to release those habits and patterns that keep you stuck in your life.

Price: 35.00
Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage massage is a type of gentle massage intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. When it is sluggish or blocked – as can happen with surgery, an injury, or being sedentary – we can have swelling, feel tired, and be more susceptible to infections or illness. By using very light pressure in a rhythmic, circular motion, this may help the lymph system to work more efficiently and help move the lymph fluids back into circulation. When the lymph system works well, we feel healthy and have a strong immune system.

Price: 35.00


"Lisa is an amazing massage therapist and healer. Since seeing her regularly for massage my neck injury has improved dramatically and I am able to continue working at an active job. Lisa has amazing energy and healing abilities....I would recommend her to anyone needing physical and energetic work. "
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Andy Gould
"I've felt better after every massage I've gotten from you and I keep passing out your cards and recommending your massage"
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
Brenda Phipps
"Lisa is the BEST!!! She fit me into her schedule in a time of great need. I appreciate her generous, kind spirit, and excellent massage techniques :)"
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