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Bedford, Pennsylvania

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About Renea Noto LMT

Renea Noto studied Massage Therapy for two years at Allegany College of Maryland where she graduated with an associates degree in applied science of Massage Therapy. She has had over 200 hours in a clinical setting where she worked with clients. Her school focused on the medical benefits that massage therapy can provide. While Renea was in school she worked at the Bedford Springs Resort and Spa where she was inspired by the atmosphere. Renea has worked with different therapist and experienced difference spa treatments over the years; her specialties include Swedish, Deep Tissue,Lomi Lomi and Chair Massage. Renea will be working out of her home and has made it a relaxing, safe, and professional establishment for her clients. Renea's passion is to help people one massage at a time.

 About Renea Noto LMT

Menu of Services

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is a focused, therapeutic massage that targets muscles knots (also known as adhesions) and specific problem areas in deeper layers. The pressure of deep tissue is generally more intense than of a swedish massage to relief chronic muscular pain.

Price: 70.00
Therapeutic Massage

This massage is a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue. Full body with focus work on trouble areas.

Price: 70.00
Lomi Lomi

The difference lies in the Hawaiian traditions woven into the massage, including the belief that "loving hands" help you release not only physical tension but also mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. This is untie Margaret's Style lomi lomi.

Price: 110.00

60 minute massage and a foot scrub.

Price: 75.00

When cleansing and moisturizing just isn't enough, add a luxurious exfoliating scrub to your regular body care routine to buff away old skin and enjoy fresh, radiant, silky smooth skin.

Price: 25.00
Chair Massage

Ideal for clients who are short on time. A relaxing massage perfect for a break in your day.

Price: 20.00


Bob Spargo
"Feeling much better since taking your massages"
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Sharon Carey
"Renea does an excellent job with deep tissue massage. I highly recommend her. "
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
Darcy Williams
"Looking forward to a long term relationship. Spot on!"
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