Empower Massage Therapy

Scarborough, Maine

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Empower Massage Therapy

When you step into my office you are a unique and highly valued client with your very own pain, movement patterns, and postural habits. I not only want to do my best to understand your body and treat it accordingly, I want to work with you to enhance your awareness of and relationship to your own body. No matter who you are, you deserve a bodyworker who is as dedicated to relieving your pain as you are. You deserve Empower Massage Therapy! 

Empower Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic Massage
Price: 75.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 85.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 100.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 130.00


"Thanks Emily for a wonderful massage. I feel great."
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Hannah C.
"Awesome! Welcoming, professional and addressed my personal needs. Massage was amazing - relaxing and rejuvenating. Would HIGHLY recommend (and I do!)."
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"Emily is exceptional at responding to my unique needs every time I see her. Too many times I have been to massage therapists who treat my body as a routine practice rather than an individual. Emily truly listens to my body complaints and sensitivities, and caters her practice to specifically treat my needs on that individual day. I am definitely a repeat customer!"
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