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Empower Massage Therapy

When you step into my office you are a unique and highly valued client with your very own pain, movement patterns, and postural habits. I not only want to do my best to understand your body and treat it accordingly, I want to work with you to enhance your awareness of and relationship to your own body. No matter who you are, you deserve a bodyworker who is as dedicated to relieving your pain as you are. You deserve Empower Massage Therapy! 

Empower Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic Massage
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Therapeutic Massage
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Therapeutic Massage
Price: 90.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 130.00


"Emily is exceptional at responding to my unique needs every time I see her. Too many times I have been to massage therapists who treat my body as a routine practice rather than an individual. Emily truly listens to my body complaints and sensitivities, and caters her practice to specifically treat my needs on that individual day. I am definitely a repeat customer!"
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"Emily took the time to ask me about what was going on with my body and listened to what I was looking to get out of the visit. Having hours on Sunday are great for someone that is busy all week. It was very relaxing. Emily even took the time after to give me some body stress relievers and hints to do during the day. I would recommend going for an appointment. "
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Hannah C.
"Awesome! Welcoming, professional and addressed my personal needs. Massage was amazing - relaxing and rejuvenating. Would HIGHLY recommend (and I do!)."
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