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Empower Massage Therapy

When you step into my office you are a unique and highly valued client with your very own pain, movement patterns, and postural habits. I not only want to do my best to understand your body and treat it accordingly, I want to work with you to enhance your awareness of and relationship to your own body. No matter who you are, you deserve a bodyworker who is as dedicated to relieving your pain as you are. You deserve Empower Massage Therapy! 

Empower Massage Therapy

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Therapeutic Massage
Price: 75.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 85.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 100.00
Therapeutic Massage
Price: 130.00


"Emily, is a great massage therapist. She was able to increase my range of motion, while reducing pain in my body."
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Katie B.
"The Best!"
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Dale Simonton
"Emily is just the kind of massage therapist you would hope to find. Her approach is stupendous. After my first experience with her, I realized I hadn't felt that good in several years. She worked the areas of my body that desperately needed attention, and it paid off with the reward of such deep comfort and reduced pain. Most important, to me, is the person behind the work. Emily has the kind of personality you dream of getting in a therapist when you make that decision to see one. She listens intently; she cares about what you want and how you respond to her. As a client, I'm looking for a quality person that can do quality work; you don't always manage to find both in the same therapist. You do with Emily."
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